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The Secret Agent Review


Expected publication: November 27th 2020 by HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter

Elisabeth Hobbes


My name is Sylvie Duchene,and I am a dancer. There is no network. I am just a dancer. I know nothing. Please…I swear it…

Based on factual events that have been fictionalized. The amount of

research the author has put into this book is very apparent.

The SOE, Special Operations Executives, the women and men who where in it led a bleak life and their commitment was a life commitment .

Using fake identifications their training was ongoing and a slip up easily meant death. Secret drops for pick ups and code phrases to see who was on board with you was common.

Sylvia is for the Resistance and is French but when the enemy, a German man makes his interest in her known she finds herself falling for the enemy.

Jealousy rears it's head though and we find a bit of a love triangle going on for a bit here.

This book was intense,high action and nonstop.

The plot was fascinating and I had a hard time putting it down.

I loved the feeling of suspense in not knowing if the main characters where going to

be able to maintain their safety.

The ending was not what I was expecting, excellent book.

Pub Date 27 Nov 2020

I was given a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you.

All opinions expressed are my own.

An unknown location, occupied France, 1944

Dropping silently behind enemy lines, Sylvia Crichton, codename Monique, is determined to fight for the country of her birth and save it from its Nazi stranglehold.

As one of the dancers at the nightclub Mirabelle, Sylvie’s mission is to entertain the club’s German clientele and learn their secrets. In a world of deception and lies, she can trust no one. Not even Mirabelle’s enigmatic piano player Felix… a part of the resistance or a collaborator?

But despite her SOE training, nothing can prepare Sylvie for the horrors she is about to face – or the pain of losing those she grows closer to undercover…

This is a pageturning and gripping romance set in occupied France during WW2 for fans of Pam Jenoff !


in York, The United Kingdom






Romance, Historical Fiction

Author for Harlequin Historical. Falling For Her Captor October 2014 A Wager for the Widow July 2015 The Blacksmith's Wife May 2016 The Saxon Outlaw's Revenge December 2016 Redeeming the Rogue Knight August 2017 I grew up in York where I spent most of my teenage years wandering around the city looking for a handsome Roman or Viking to sweep me off my feet. Sadly it never happened but I developed a love of the past and went on to read History and Art History at university before venturing into the world of teaching. These days I hold down jobs as a teacher and mum. I live in Cheshire with my husband, two young children and two cats with ridiculous names. I love historical fiction and have a fondness for dark haired, bearded heroes. When I'm not writing, I spend a lot of my spare time reading and have become something of a pro at cooking one-handed while holding a book! You can find me on Facebook and Twitter https://www.facebook.com/ElisabethHob... and Twitter https://twitter.com/ElisabethHobbes

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